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Here’s an outfit you could wear to semi-formal events or fancy dinner dates. Is it weird that I like wearing blazers during the day and just a button down at night? Well, I always feel more comfortable without a blazer and in my case, I need to move around freely especially since we had dinner at Spiral, Sofitel. I mean, I need to be comfortable since I’m going for many rounds in the buffet, lol. Sorry, my mind is drifting. Back to the outfit! I wore a basic button down and a basic pair of trousers and finished off the look by adding pops of color through my printed socks from Richer Poorer (they’re finally able at the Complex Lifestyle Store!) and my new favorite fragrance from James Bond 007!


What I’m wearing: button down (Topman), brown leather belt (Zara Man), man bag (The SM Store), watch (Aldo Accessories), trousers (ASOS), printed socks (Richer Poorer), brogues (Perry Ellis). Hype this on lookbook here.


Button down from Topman | Belt from Zara Man | Man bag from The SM Store


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So fall is coming up and all the retailers and style bloggers are switching gears to show off and talk about what to wear this fall. Well, I’m no exception.

The cool thing about being in your 40’s (or for me 50… I’m still getting used to that number), is we don’t have to worry so much about the “latest trends”. We just need modern, classic, well-constructed and well-fitting pieces that look great in a variety of situations.

Let’s start at the ground and work our way up. In my opinion, if you pay attention to your style at all, you should have some good versatile boots to wear this fall. Something in a black and something in brown. They’re super versatile. You can wear them with jeans, chino’s or even dress trousers. Boots are very versatile. Depending on your style, you can choose a boot that shows your rugged side, or your sophisticated side. It’s all up to you.

Next up is dark, non-distressed denim. You guys keep hearing me talk about dark denim, and for good reason. They’re extremely versatile and they look more mature and more expensive than distressed or lighter wash denim. Now I’m not saying you can’t still rock some light wash or lightly distressed jeans, but if your wardrobe has some holes in the dark denim department, fall is a great time to go out and get yourself some. Like I always say, you can dress them up with a dress shirt and a nice pair of brogues, or you can dress them down with a nice pair of sneakers and a sweatshirt.

Next on my list are chinos. Preferably some cotton chinos with some stretch built in for comfort. Just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean you have to abandon color, you just have to tone down the bright summer colors a little bit. Try going with olive, burgundy, Navy or tan. The trick to wearing chinos is.. there’s no trick. You can wear them exactly as you would wear a pair of jeans.

Next up are well-fitting, quality dress shirts. All of the shirts I’m wearing in the video are coming from John Henric. One of the coolest parts about having a blog and a YouTube channel like this is the opportunity to be introduced to brands that are doing amazing things, and then introduce those brands to you. When I first got some of their samples in the mail, I was absolutely blown away at the fit and the fabric. I own some decent shirts, but the fit on these shirts right out of the box was absolutely incredible. I mean, I usually have to go to a tailor to get a fit like this.

The company was started by two friends who wanted to make a difference in menswear accessories made with better quality, craftsmanship and creativity. Today, John Henric products are sold all over the globe. Guys, I’m telling you,  this shirt should be twice the price, and probably would be if it was sold in Nordstrom. This stuff is really high quality and affordable because they sell direct to you. They’ve got new drops all the time and 12 collections yearly. The great thing about their creativity and working with smaller family owned European manufacturers, is they can be more nimble and create new collections in small quantities very quickly. This means when you buy a shirt from them, the chances of you seeing someone else with the same shirt is pretty low. Unlike if you bought a shirt from Nordstrom or Macy’s where everybody else shops.

They also do free express world-wide shipping in 1-2 days. Yes.. free express world-wide shipping in just a few days. So listen, they’re offering this audience a really incredible discount, so if you want to go take a look, please feel free to hit this link and use the code galfano1 at check out to take advantage of this deal to grab yourself some incredible pieces. Once again, I’m in love with the stuff I received and I’m very excited to introduce you guys to John Henric.

The next essential fall piece I have for you is the sweater. I love me some sweaters. Crewneck, v-neck, cable-knit, zip up, cardigan, cotton or cashmere, I love sweaters, especially when it starts getting cold out. Once again, the sweaters I’m showing are from John Henric. I typically wear sweaters with a dress shirt or casual oxford shirt underneath, or with a plain white t-shirt underneath. Going more casual with a t-shirt, in my opinion, allows the entire outfit be more casual. But if you’re heading out for a dinner date with that someone special, or out to an office function or holiday party, throw on that nice dress shirt underneath for a more elevated look.

The last item I have for you is a lightweight jacket. I love the knit blazer from John Henric. It’s different than anything else I’ve seen because it’s totally unstructured and feels like a sweater or a really nice sweatshirt, but it looks like a casual sport jacket. Super easy to dress up or dress down. I can see myself getting a lot of mileage out of this once the weather starts to cool off in Southern California.

If you like men’s lifestyle topics like this, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and hitting that thumbs up button and the bell button.  I really want to thank John Henric for sponsoring the video and for making some of the best fitting clothes I own. Again guys, hit the link above to check out the incredible deal they have for you.

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I started blogging just 2 years ago after requests from my Instagram followers. Since then That Dapper Chap has gone from strength to strength and I have had the opportunity to work with some great brands such as White Stuff, Racing Green, Primark, Peter Werth and Next to name a few.In fact I was awarded the NBN fashion blog of 2015 award in November 2015 which was a defining moment for me. There are so many great bloggers out there so it’s very humbling to be recognized in such a way.

London Style

2016 kicked off with LC:M (London Collection Men) and I’m really looking forward to taking That Dapper Chap to the next level, it’s exciting to work with both large and small companies and I can’t wait to see what TDC can offer its readers over the coming months.I will of course continue to post my own daily looks and offer style advice as well as highlighting great menswear and products that are of interest to my readers.While spring is a few weeks away I do like this time of year as it allows me to layer and wear wool and tweed. These images show me wearing a brown three piece wool suit from Next.

The woolen tie is by the Cordial Churchman. The two tone brogues are by Redfoot and the bag is by the Cambridge Satchel Company. The brown wool felt pork pie hat is from Village Hats. The Uniqlo socks finish the look.

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Are you planning to tidy up your closet following your list of resolutions for the upcoming 2020? If donating or throwing away some clothes is a part of your plan, first scroll through and double check our list for those wear-forever staples that never go out of style despite fashion’s revolving door of trends. In case you don’t happen to own one or two of the pieces, buy them now so you can wear them forever.

1. Turtleneck sweater

Turtleneck-like garments date all the way back to the 15th century. They’re basically a 2-in-1 sweater & scarf to protect your neck from the wind, and the best part (obviously) is that they’re ever so trendy. Pair it with denim for a Steve Jobs look or put on a red leather mini skirt and black tights to channel 60’s fashion.

2. Jeans

These have to be the most worn item of clothing in the 21st century. However you like them – straight, skinny, boyfriend, ripped, flared or high-rise – a good pair of jeans is meant to make you look good and feel comfortable.

3. Plaid Shirt

A well-designed plaid shirt can easily be dressed up or down with the right coordinating pieces. Rock it with leggings or denim for a chick look. If you prefer a more subtle plaid look layering is key. Mixing prints and textures creates contrast in your ensemble and distracts from your eye focusing on one print.

4. V-neck

A V-neck is one of the most popular style of sweaters for men because not only it is stylish, comfortable and cozy but also extremely versatile.
It can be worn on a casual day, at work, at a high end event and even for a date night. A V-neck sweater can be complimented nicely by using a patterned collared shirt underneath.

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Earlier on in the year Cadburys launched their campaign to find the next Milk Tray man. I missed this casting call, so I’m going to have to wait until the next one, but thats not going to stop me in getting in some practice early doors – so when the next casting happens, I’m ready, Milk Tray in hand and the perfect all-black outfit ready and waiting.

Often blog posts can be dictated by the brands us influencers work with – products they want to promote etc. I love working with great brands and trialling their new products, however, sometimes it is nice to just put together an outfit post which is totally your own style and from stuff you have had in your own wardrobe for a while. 

That is exactly how I put together this outfit. All the items I’m wearing in this outfit, I have owned for at least 6 months with the shirt 2 years old and the jeans 3 years old!

Firstly, everyone needs a trusty black shirt…not a crusty one that has been over worn, over washed and now grey! Mine is over 2 years old and still has a deep black colour with no grey marks around the bends in the collar. It is a Pin Collar Shirt from London’s Hawkins & Shepherd shirt makers, for this look, I have removed the pin and opened the shirt into more of a casual style. The jeans are my Topman favourites….3 years old and are still going strong, in fact they get better with age. The watch, suit blazer and shoes are slightly newer but are all investment pieces that I’ll be wearing for years to come.

With the anticipation of the Rugby World Cup in the air, I thought I would put together an ALL BLACK autumn/winter 2020 look. The kiwis aka ‘The All-Blacks’ are the current holders of the Rugby World Cup and probably the most feared team. For those of you who are interested the Rugby kicks off on the 18th September hosted by our rugby crazy nation. 

Back to Men’s Style! With Autumn of the way it is usually a good time to start wearing blacks, greys and anything earthy. Although I still think we’ll be wearing shorts in September due to an Indian Summer (maybe I’m too optimistic!).

Combining a formal pin collar shirt and tie combo with biker jeans isn’t your conventional combination but rolled up sleeves and tattoos make this look a little edgier than it should normally be.

Sometimes you need to dress like you are going to a funeral. We cant all jump out of bed singing ‘Its a beautiful day’ whilst skipping to the shower, having an angel shit then getting an uber into work. Things are just not that simple! Occasionally I do get out of bed on the wrong side, I do get a little moody sometimes (don’t we all) and I do shout the house down when I stub my toe rather than politely whispering ‘ouch that hurt’ through my teeth. I have learnt recently that it is good to be expressive for good or bad so if you feel like shit, just go with it and if you feel great, well good on you – just don’t make eye contact and smile on the tube, know your limits!

It wouldn’t be a typical english bloggers post without mentioning the weather but lately with the weather being more autumn than summer so I have plenty of time to throw on black. 


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Today I want to officially announce my involvement as a mentor in the upcoming TV series The Fashion Hero. The Fashion Hero is a TV series filming in South Africa next year, the theme is centred around influencers who promote positivity, diversity etc. 

These influencers will get paired with mentors who will offer advice and frame their narrative. I’ll be giving their platform a boost and bringing general awareness to all the good work they’re doing in promoting mental health. 

As Steve McQueen always used to say, when you take something you need to give a little bit back. The world of social media has been very good to me. It’s now time for me to pay it forward for the youngsters coming through. 

There is still an opportunity for you to get involved and be selected. This goes out to all those people that have also hit me up recently complaining that they can’t get their accounts off the ground. That the Instagram algorithmhas knocked them off their perch. 

Instagram especially is something that’s always shape-shifting on us. Soon they might be doing away with the ‘likes’ and it will level out the playing field for a lot of people. 

If you want to get your head above the parapet, it’s going to take more than just emailing brands your media deck. You might have to start door knocking, the old fashioned way. 

Picking up the phone more, writing about brands for the love of it. Rather than the endorsement cheque. 

That’s why I’m daring you to get involved with The Fashion Hero. 19 million people have already hit the website and 66,000 contestants have already signed up for their chance to be on the show. 

If you’re selected you get the chance to go over to South Africa and more importantly, by being part of The Fashion Hero movement and TV series, you will become a role model for future generations. 

The future is what you make said the Doc, so make it a good one. 

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If you haven’t heard, male rompers are officially a thing. The internet is going nuts over the new style for men, and everyone has an opinion, be it positive or negative. But, before you start arguing whether this trend is modern and manly or tacky and tragic, shouldn’t you know why it’s gone viral and who started it? From where it all began to the reactions of consumers and brands, we have the low-down on the #RompHim fashion phenomenon. So, if you’ve been asking yourself why everyone is obsessing about the men’s romper trend, we have the answer, and after reading it, you can decide whether you think the look is revolutionary or ridiculous.

A romper is a garment that’s usually spotted on babies and young women at music festivals. Today, however, the romper is also a fashion option for gents. Also known as a playsuit, the one-piece design is now being touted as an easy summer option for men. Ideal for saving time when getting ready, rompers banish the need for picking out separate pieces by combining shorts and a shirt into one. They’re also perfect for numerous occasions, or so claims the brand responsible for beginning this trend. The statement style, which is also comfortable, can be worn to events and locations ranging from the beach, music festivals, and rooftop bars to pool parties, barbeques, and even on a stroll. The only requirement is that the gent wearing the romper is confident and comfortable with this style.

The men’s romper trend is all thanks to a new company called ACED Design and a product that it dubbed the RompHim. The team behind the inventive business and garment are a group of business school friends who wanted to bring something new to the world of menswear.

“We were sitting around over drinks one evening and got to talking about the men’s clothing options out there. Everything was either too corporate, too fratty, too “runway” or too basic. Something was missing. Why wasn’t there anything out there that allowed guys to be more stylish and fun without also sacrificing comfort, fit, and versatility? The more we thought about it, the more we realised that a romper hit all of these attributes – it’s unique, fashionable, cool and very wearable.”

So, the Chicago-based business created the RompHim and recently began a Kickstarter page to help fund the project. Since then, the brand and its rompers, which feature a zipper fly to make going to the bathroom more simple, have blown up and created a worldwide trend.

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