Hello Style Lovers! Its getting cool around here again. That means one thing, Fall is here. It’s time to start packing up those sandals and flip flops (even though I’m not quite ready yet). Its definitely time to start pulling out those boots, booties and sneakers. I’m all for the boots, but not so much for the sneakers. Like I’ve said before, I’m not really a “sneakers kind of girl”. For the few times I actually wear one, it has to be without socks (**covers face**).

Of recent, I’ve started to really fall in love with the colorful and chunky sneakers I have been seeing in stores. And finally, I’m like why not incorporate it into my work style and show you how to wear sneakers to work.

I know a lot of people do it already, but like I always say, there’s a stylish and not so stylish way to do it. A lot of it depends on your place of work. If your job is mostly casual, then lucky you, no need to overthink it. However, if your place of work is the opposite, then I guess you mostly crave those “Casual Fridays”. Needless to say, todays outfit can actually let you get away with wearing sneakers to work from Monday to Friday.

Here’s the trick, sneakers can make your whole outfit look dressed down/casual. In order to look a little business like, wear more formal pieces on top and then add your sneakers to the bottom. In other words, wear pieces like blazers or suits with your sneakers. I actually tried this outfit with my red sneakers but it complicated my outfit. It brought too much attention to my feet, which I didn’t want to do. I suggest you wear a white, black or neutral color sneakers to take away some of that attention. That way your boss doesn’t feel the need to say something.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post “How to wear Sneakers To Work”. Please share some of your tips, I would love to hear it.

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